Allfi Waterjet - Abrasive Dosing System (Feeder)

  • $1,300.00

The Allfi Waterjet Abrasive Dosing Feeder can be retrofitted easily to many systems, providing pinpoint control of the abrasive feed rate - helping you get control of one of your most costly operating expenses, the use of abrasive.

  • 16.5" tall x 4.7" wide, 5 lbs weight
  • Stepless feed rates from 0 to 1.33lbs/min controlled electronically through 24v on/off signal and 0-10v variable input for control.  Where no 0-10v input is available an add-on potentiometer allows accurate control of abrasive flow rate
  • Easily maintainable - only two long-life wear parts to maintain and the abrasive feed rate does not change over time as it does with manual feeders