Allfi Waterjet NanoDiamond Orifice Suitable for Paser ECL Style Cutting Heads

Type 96 NanoDiamond Orifice - Paser ECL Style Waterjet Cutting Orifice

  • $200.00

Allfi Waterjet Type 96 NanoDiamond Orifice for pure water and abrasive cutting heads.  Used in Flow Paser ECL style Cutting Heads. (Replacement for Flow part number 014155-xx).

NanoDiamond is a material new to the waterjet industry.  It is made up of small (nano-sized) diamond particles fused together to provide wear characteristics very similar to the single-crystal diamond orifices on the market today.  Resistance to impact damage is greatly increased as the material lacks the natural cleavage planes found in single-crystal orifices.  As a man-made material it is also much less expensive - up to half the price of a single-crystal diamond orifice - delivering you much greater value.

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