ALLFI Water Treatment System GREEN

ALLFI Water Treatment System GREEN

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Substances dissolved in water can cause the formation of solid deposits or crystals, which can damage the HP components of a waterjet cutting system. ALLFI Water Treatment GREEN treats the feed water of the high-pressure pump in seven steps without the addition of harmful chemicals. The ALLFI GREEN water treatment is virtually maintenance-free and will take away the  worries about your cutting water quality without the addition of questionable, expensive chemicals.

Advantages of ALLFI GREEN water treatment compared to conventional water treatment:

  • Complete fresh water treatment without addition of chemical stabilizers
  • Increased service life of high-pressure pumps and HD parts in the entire HD system of the cutting unit
  • Trouble-free operation without electronic controls
  • Easy to handle cartridge system
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple "Plug and Play“ installation


Permissible water inlet pressure: max 10bar
Setting pressure reducer: max. 5.5bar
Water inlet temperature: 10 to 35°C
Maximum flow rate: 16 l/min
Conductivity at water input: 200-1200 µS/cm
TDS at water inlet: 140-840 ppm

Filtration: activated carbon filter 10 µm in the water inlet
Police filter 1 µm in the water outlet
Recommended change rhythm: In case of heavy contamination or pressure drop >0.4bar

Working filter: oxidation and antibacterial nanofiber fine filter
Recommended rhythm of change: after 200m3 water consumption or after 3 months

Dimensions approx. WxDxH in cm: 66x60x165
weight unfilled: 185kg
Connections input/output: ¾"-thread or hose nozzle 19mm