1/4" Standard High-Pressure Autofrettaged Tubing - 2.4mm/0.09in ID - 60,000psi/4,150bar - Allfi P/N 801400AF

  • $16.15

Allfi Waterjet 1/4" High-Pressure Autofrettaged Tubing for Waterjet Cutting applications up to 60,000psi/4,150bar.  ID is 2.4mm/0.09inch.  This is the normal size/ID used in the waterjet industry for most applications.

Autofrettage is a process which pre-stresses tubing, resulting in increased component lifetime.  Tubing should be bent or coiled prior to the autofrettage process - contact us for bending/coiling prices.

Price is per foot.  Coning & threading is an extra charge - contact us for more information at usa@allfi.com or 816-429-6507