Allfi Waterjet Philisophy - Who We Are

At ALLFI WATERJET, Inc. we specialize in the development, manufacture and marketing of top-quality components for high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting and other waterjet applications. Our team of qualified specialists undergo additional comprehensive training and have many years of experience in waterjet cutting.  We offer our customers innovative and high-quality products and services at competitive prices. This extends to the development of special customized solutions to your exact specifications.
Instead of constructing waterjet cutting systems ourselves, we focus all our efforts on providing a complete range of products ranging from high-pressure pumps to waterjet cutting heads, thus enabling you to obtain optimum work results from your existing systems. In this field we are THE problem solvers for our customers. We implement this philosophy using three strategic approaches:
  • Innovation: We develop new solutions which are as simple as possible and which increase the service life of these high-duty products and/or reduce the consumption of parts subject to wear and tear. This reduces the corresponding costs in the long term.
  • Prices: We pursue a price policy which helps our customers reinforce their competitiveness. We achieve this by keeping our products moderately priced. Our prices for parts subject to wear are kept particularly low.
  • Delivery service: We consider ourselves as a partner for our customers in that we also assume responsibility for storage. This means that we can deliver all products and spare parts within 24 hours from our warehouse. In this way our customer does not need to tie up large sums in his own warehouse.
Allfi Waterjet Making a Difference in Parts and Service