Type 91 NanoDiamond Orifice - Allfi and Flow Pure Water Style Waterjet Orifice

  • $404.25

Allfi Waterjet Type 91 NanoDiamond Orifice for pure water and abrasive cutting heads.  Used in Allfi Cutting Heads.  Comparable to Comadur type 35 orifice.  May also be used in some Flow International Waterjet style cutting heads among others.  (Replacement for Flow part number D-5071-xx)

NanoDiamond is a material new to the waterjet industry.  It is made up of small diamond particles fused together to provide wear characteristics very similar to the single-crystal diamond orifices on the market today.  Resistance to impact damage is greatly increased however, as the material lacks the natural cleavage planes found in single-crystal orifices.  As a man-made material it is also much less expensive - up to half the price of a single-crystal diamond orifice - delivering you greater value.

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